How to find an old friend with only a first name…

Wow, you really like a challenge don’t you!

This is difficult and to be honest you might need a specialist trace agency to do this and we’ll tell you why. Its certainly possible but where do you start? The obvious place is to do a first name and area search on that street at the time and see if there are any matches. If you worked with them and don’t know their address this could be difficult. If you knew them when they were a child and could remember a brother or sisters name that would help as there are searches you could do around that. If you know parents first names that could help too. Then moving on to if they were older you could try partners name too. Once you had all this information you would need to use websites like FindMyPast to look old electoral rolls and you’d have a lot of cross referencing to do on each potential match.

That’s pretty solid advice there but if it didn’t help you’d have to keep working your way out and keep analysing other facts. In truth its unlikely that you really only remember their first name, its more not knowing their second name so think! Can you remember where they worked or what school they went to and then cross refernece that. Lots of work places and schools have Facebook groups so you could post in those too, that would really help. You’d probably get the answer pretty quickly that way. If that didn’t work though a specialist trace agency might be the way to go.

Specialist tracing agencies have systems made available to them that are not avaialbe to us ‘normal’ people. They are technically avaialbe to us but mainly under licence so its difficult and expensive to get hold of them. So the best way to access them is to instruct a trace agency. Feel free to look around at all the options but on a search like this stay away from the cheap £99 option as they’ll only have access to the same data and websites that you do. You’d probably need to pay between £350 and £500 to do a search with a first name only and expect to get a result from it. There would be hours of cross refernecing to do BUT if you are desperate to find your one named friend it will work.

How to find an old friend with only a first name is a tough search though make no mistake. If you centre your thoughts about what other information you remember about them, that should mean that you can progress with your search and piece things together over time. There is some good news, some people don’t even remember their old friends first name either! I’ve seen those people found too so don’t give up!

I hoped this short blog post has provided you with some good hints and tips and has helped you work out How to find an old friend with only a first name.