How to find an old friend who left the UK is difficult so lets get stuck into what you can do.

Do you know what country they are in now? Do you know when they went to live there? Do you know who they went with?

If you do then the fact that they are from the UK is irrelevant aside from their name might standout in another country, there arent too many John Smiths in China!

If you do know the country they have gone to you can try a couple of options. Option one, without wanting to sound like a broken record a specialist people tracing company like FinderMonkey can help but it will be over £2000 to instruct them to successfully locate your friend. I know the owner at FinderMonkey and I know they invest alot of time and resource into building up their overseas network. You could do the same as them and instruct your own overseas researcher. How do you find one? Thats the question because some are very expensive like 5k expensive and some take a loooooong time to get you a result. Thats because tracing people overseas is different to the UK. In the UK we are very open with our data but in other countries it can be kept private or sometimes things are stored regionally too.

If you don’t know what country they have moved to then you can try two things. One is to search the UK. What makes you certain they left the UK? Could it be chinese whispers, could they have come back already? So a UK search would still be worth doing. As you uncover more and more about them you should, potentially be able to see at what point they left the UK. If you then focus around this point you may find that you can ascertain which country they then went to.

Another approach is to contact a relative of your friend who can either pass on your contact details or provide your friends too you. This can be a great way to move your search forward especially if you are fondly remembered by your friends relatives. You could if you prefer try Facebook, the search facility on Facebook isn’t great to be honest but if you play around with it you might get looking. Try looking for a group for your old school and joining that. From there you might be able to find your friend through his Facebook friends, we’ll do a full blog post about using Facebook to find old friends soon so check back for that.

A final option is  the Missing You website. Missing You lets you post on a high traffic messageboard details of the friend you are looking for. Its very cheap and its very effective, just check out the testimonials that are added to the site on a daily basis.

We hope this post has at least given you some ideas about how you can find an old friend who has left the UK.