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About Finding Old Friends

We’re just a few old friends who enjoy genealogy and researching different things in our spare time. One day we got talking and someone asked, “What happen to….”

Well we just had to find out and over the next few weeks we all looked into what had happened to this dear old friend of a friend. It took us a while and there were twists and turns on the way, plenty of challenges too but eventually we found him!

Well once you’ve found one old friend you want to find them all. See what stories they have to tell, see what memories you can remember and share. So we started to build up our knowledge of how you can start finding old friends. After a while it was suggested that we create a website and this is it.

“The thing is, when you see your old friends, you come face to face with yourself. I run into someone I’ve known for 40 or 50 years, and they’re old. And I suddenly realize I’m old. It comes as an enormous shock to me!” – Polly Bergen American Actress.

Getting old we can help! Hopefully with the help of this website you can getting old with your old friends. So make a cup of tea, pull up a chair and join us on our never ending search, our never ending challenge for finding old friends.


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Our Mission

To help you reconnect with your old friends

Our mission is simple, to help you reconnect with old friends. This might be old boy and girlfriends to see how they got on after you went your seperate ways. It could be looking for someone you used to work with. It might be a friend from school, which might be too many years ago to remember!

Whatever your reasons we want to help you. If you need any further advice or support then please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll see what we can do. If you have any recommendations on how we can improve the website we’d love to hear them. Finally, if you have a story to tell or information to share then we would love to hear from you too. Good luck with your own search to find your old friends.